Do you have skills you would like to share?

Do you have tasks that need doing?

One GOLDEN HOUR is worth one hour of service. Everyone's time is equal.

GOLDEN HOURS are earned by giving time or expertise to someone in the community.

GOLDEN HOURS are spent by receiving time or expertise from someone in the community.

Each GOLDEN HOUR is banked in the member's personal account, available to be used when the member wants or needs a service the program provides. These savings are inflation proof.

The GOLDEN HOURS TIME EXCHANGE allows for circular rather than linear exchange and barter.

Are you interested in learning more?

Email goldenhourstimeexchange@gmail.com


What is a Timebank?

A timebank is a tool used to organize people or organizations in a system of exchange, whereby they are able to trade skills, resources and expertise through time.

For every hour participants 'deposit' in a timebank by giving practical help and support to others, they are able to 'withdraw' equivalent support in time when they themselves need something done.

Everyone's time is equal so one hour of my time is worth one hour of your time, irrespective of the skills we might trade.

For example, a timebank member could earn a time credit by doing the shopping for an elderly member of the timebank, and then could spend that time credit on getting someone else to provide babysitting.

Timebanks can also be used by non-profit organizations for engaging volunteers and sharing their resources.

Why join a Timebank?

Timebanks are based on the idea that every person in a society has something to give. And that each of us needs to both give and receive.

Timebanks mobilize hidden people power by valuing and utilizing the abundant assets that exist in human beings. Timebanks elevate the status of people's assets, whatever the wish to contribute, to a level of parity. Timebanks provide a form of liquidity to activities such as doing the shopping or helping a child with homework, formally recognizing that this is a valuable economic activity that can be harnessed to build a stronger community.

Using a timebank, we learn to think beyond money, to think about what else we could give and what else we could receive. Timebanks make economic sense. Using a timebank makes life more affordable.

Timebanks promote social justice by honouring the time of all participants equally, and by building relationships between members. Timebanks strengthen communities by developing social networks of people from different backgrounds who might not have otherwise met. Generating social capital in this way is an important determinant of health, wellbeing and resilience.

Timebanks empower individuals and groups to bring about change, make choices and take control of their own lives and neighbourhoods.

What services are exchanged through a Timebank?

The list of services is long and varied, but here is a sampling:

After-school, daycare, babysitting
Home visits, companionship
Arts & crafts instruction
Exercise classes
Language classes, translation
Adult day care
Gardening, yard work
Home repairs
Homemaker services, meal preparation
Pet care, dog walking
Reading, tutoring, editing, research
Computer skills training
Complimentary therapies
Doing errands
House sitting, plant watering, snow shovelling
Professional services

How do I join the Golden Hours Time Exchange?

Email goldenhourstimeexchange@gmail.com for access to the Timebank database. You will set up an account, list the services you can provide, list the services you are looking to receive, and then you can start exchanging. You do not have to have GOLDEN HOURS credit to start spending, you simply need to get started exchanging, and things will balance out eventually.

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GOLDEN HOURS TIME EXCHANGE goldenhourstimeexchange@gmail.com

*As part of the strategic plan for the Columbia River - Revelstoke Constituency Office, a certain portion of staff time and office resources are set aside to assist community projects that support the principles of Sustainable BC. The Golden Hours Time Exchange (GHTE) is a pilot project to improve community resilience that is supported by this office. Based on the viability and success of this project, a timebanking project in other constituency communities may be considered. If you are interested in starting a timebank project in your community, please contact norm.macdonald.mla@leg.bc.ca.